Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eve

It was one of those days where I spent thirty minutes trying to get Miya, my stubborn dog, in from outside. She was hopping and prancing about as if we were playing tag, while my patience was wearing thin just as the sun was. 

Although all of that was frustrating, I started my day out great making a homemade pizza with Jacob. I think next time I will get creative and use vegetables.

It went in looking somewhat healthy and came out looking extremely unhealthy. I could see my arteries clogging before my eyes as puddles of grease were over the entire thing.

When Jacob left for work, I went to my neighbor's house and cleaned with Flossie. The neighbor does not really exist yet, but I am hoping this might help me get a new one. My father-in-law is building the house, which should be done in about a week, so I thought I would give a little preview.

Obviously, the fireplace is not completely finished. There are going to be some random things in the pictures because I didn't feel like moving them. I think my favorite part about the house is all of the windows. There is so much light that floods the house during the day.

We ended the day with eating pizza... yes pizza for lunch and dinner. Flossie and I went to the grocery store to get ready for Easter tomorrow.

What an amazing gift Christ gave us by dying on the cross and returning from the tomb. A humbling reminder of how we need Him. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!!

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