Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mountain Adventures

Sometimes it is good to get away from my normal routine.

Jacob, his family and I spent the weekend in the mountains relaxing and shopping for antiques. I scavenged for a desk that I could repurpose but I had no luck. In fact, I didn't buy anything besides a french vanilla cappuccino! Somewhat depressing...

Returning home Saturday evening, we spent most of today (Sunday) with Ryan (my brother-in-law) and Stephanie (my sister) taking pictures of their German Shepherds for their website. If you like dogs, you will like the pictures. If you don't like dogs, then it is probably almost impossible for us to be friends. Just kidding, but not really. 

Anyway, in light of being at the mountains this past weekend and not taking ANY pictures (shame on me), I wanted to recap all of my favorite pictures from the mountains. Enjoy!

May 2010


September 2010

October 2011

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Let's Cruise

I have never shared photos from our honeymoon so I figured it was about time that I do it. We left our wedding and drove three hours to Virginia, arriving at our hotel around 1:00am. We woke up around 7:00am to drive the rest of the way to Maryland to get on our Carnival Cruise for seven days!

The picture above is when we first arrived to Maryland. It was also taken before I realized I had a knife in my purse after we had stood in line to check-in and we had to trek back to the car (that is definitely a run-on sentence).

Jacob shielding himself from the sun.

This is what the water looks like in Maryland. BOOOOO.

Already halfway there and we see blue water and dolphins!!

Every night there was a beautiful sunset. It is a crazy feeling being on water for seven days. Jacob never felt sea sick, what a man (he told me to say that). Anyway, I only felt sea sick during dinner because it was at the back of the boat and we sat on a balcony.

We started exploring the boat and found a dessert bar! Thank goodness for iced lattes.

The adult lounge that we only got to go to during the evenings because it was so packed during the day.

Our first stop, Grand Turk.

We snorkeled! I still have not developed our underwater pictures but we saw stingrays and barracudas. I am not going to lie, I got within a couple feet of the barracuda and started freaking out because I kept drifting towards it and couldn't stop myself. All I could think was, "SHARP TEETH!"

Little do these people know that they are in my picture forever.

King of the rock.

My favorite.

Just a man and his sunburnt head.

Jacob and I couldn't figure out what animal this is. Maybe a bunny? I really have no idea...

Our second stop, Half Moon Cay, Bahamas.

Squishing his head, obviously.

Half Moon Cay is a private island where only thirty-five people live. Jacob found a few "treasures" that I videoed him showing me. One of them turned out to be a clump of dry sand...

There was a storm in the distance that never came over the island. You can see the rain in the background. Crazy!

Our third and final stop, Freeport. We did a 12.5 mile bike ride. These are barracudas that passed us under a bridge.

Half way through the bike ride we took a break at the beach. This is what we call a self-portrait fail.

Jacob's bike.

My bike. Of course it is orange.

The last night on the boat: "I'm not ready!"

No normal faces here...

Last dinner!

Jacob thinks he looks like an orangutan in this picture.

That is about the extent of our honeymoon. It was definitely great to get away from the everyday and start out our lives doing new things together.