Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mountain Adventures

Sometimes it is good to get away from my normal routine.

Jacob, his family and I spent the weekend in the mountains relaxing and shopping for antiques. I scavenged for a desk that I could repurpose but I had no luck. In fact, I didn't buy anything besides a french vanilla cappuccino! Somewhat depressing...

Returning home Saturday evening, we spent most of today (Sunday) with Ryan (my brother-in-law) and Stephanie (my sister) taking pictures of their German Shepherds for their website. If you like dogs, you will like the pictures. If you don't like dogs, then it is probably almost impossible for us to be friends. Just kidding, but not really. 

Anyway, in light of being at the mountains this past weekend and not taking ANY pictures (shame on me), I wanted to recap all of my favorite pictures from the mountains. Enjoy!

May 2010


September 2010

October 2011


  1. I always enjoy looking at your pictures! You have so much talent. Just wanted to say. I have not made it on your blog yet!! Ha Ha