Monday, April 16, 2012

English Breakfast, please!

This weekend I had the privilege of working with my sister-in-law's to put together a bridal shower for Dwight and Stephanie. They live in Alabama so it was nice getting to spend time with family and friends before their big day.

So, we decided to make the shower a Tea Party. I found the idea on Pinterest (of course) to make the invitation into a tea bag. Pinterest knows everything. I went through a couple of designs before we decided on this one. We printed them on a regular printer and then cut the sides and punched the holes. Without stamps, the total cost was $12.00! Pretty reasonable, I'd say!

We had amazing ladies give us a lot of things to be able to pull this party off. We had real tea cups for each person to use and a lot of different tea options.

My favorite part... sugar cubes! I felt so classy.

Again, thank you Pinterest for inexpensive decoration ideas. These were made from paper bags.

Yes, I may have taken too many pictures of the decorations. Oh well. 


  1. This is incredible! I think I would like to be you when I grow up. If I ever get married, can I hire you? :)

  2. This is so neat, Amanda! You girls did a great job on those decorations!

  3. Really wonderful, ladies! I'm sure Stephanie and Dwight were amazed. The photos are awesome too!