Monday, February 13, 2012

The Weekend

I started this post at the beginning of the weekend. Here I am, tuning back in on Monday night trying to fight through "writer's block."

I had a different kind of shoot today that I will hopefully be showing you by next week, but I am going to be completely honest and say that I was a little nervous. It was something a little different for me, but it ended up going great.

I hear comments here and there about the dog that I posted and how it is either creepy or awesome. It always seems to get mixed reviews-a love it or hate it, keep it or leave it, kiss it or miss it, hug it or lug it thing. Alright, I made up the last couple of sayings.

Well, my friends, I think I have something to take your mind off that precious dog and onto... shoe forms that double as a place to hang your coats! Is having feet on the wall too much? I really don't think I am the best judge of "weird" because I cross that line way too many times in my ever-so-interesting mind.

On Saturday, I started my day with waking up next to my wonderful husband to the sound of hammers banging, wood being thrown from two stories high and roaring truck engines. I guess that is the reality of having construction right beside of your house. (Speaking of, if anyone is interested in moving, let me know and we could be neighbors).

We have cathedral ceilings and we keep our heat on pretty low, so it was one of those days where I piddled around my house doing this or that in Jacob's old sweatshirt and beat-up sweatpants two sizes too big. For the first time, it actually felt like winter-the middle of February and it feels like the first day of winter. I think the ground hog was wrong.

Some of my friends and I got to explore some new-to-me consignment and thrift shops downtown and that is where I found the wooden shoe forms (along with a hundred other things that I drooled over). In all honestly, I am feeling too lazy to take a picture of them, load it and then post it-PLUS, it is dark outside so there is no natural lighting to make the picture spectacular, anyway.

After I went shopping, I went over and helped my brother and Heather paint their kitchen. It went from "that is a reallllllllly bright yellow" to "wow, this actually looks really great!" My job was to do most of the trim work, so I was crawling across cabinets, sitting on refrigerators and standing on ladders.

So that pretty much sums up my weekend, getting to spend time with friends and family as well as trying something new photography-wise. And I am realizing that I have created a blog fail and have included only one picture, so if you have stuck with me this long, I am seriously impressed. You know what? I will add a picture onto the end.


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    1. I've had writers *block too! I was writing a blog post on Monday and then I realised how lame it was, haha :) This post however, is not lame! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Which shops did you explore downtown?!

    2. I can't remember the names of them but they were close to Reynolda Rd, I think. You should check them out! I think you would really like some of them!