Saturday, January 21, 2012


Our house has three bedrooms. One is ours, of course. The second bedroom is right beside ours, where our new dresser found its home. The third is upstairs and is more of a catch-all room as of right now. Right when you hit the top of the stairs there is a small loft area before entering the upstairs room.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Simply because I am trying to decide where I should have my home "office-studio." My stufice offudio.

Lexi was persistent on not moving out of the picture.

Miya, where did you come from??

It is a little hard to see the space just from pictures, but I think it might just be perfect. I don't want to be separated when I am working and I don't want to be in the middle of things, either.

My plan so far is to repurpose a long, slender desk, which as of right now only exists in my imagination. Jacob and I just purchased chairs this week for the loft but I am rethinking if they should find a home there. My original plan was to purchase an apothecary cabinet and place chairs on either side but the cabinet is proving to be a bit out of our price range.

Ok, back to the chairs we just bought. We got two of them for sixteen bucks a piece!! What a deal! My original plan was to paint the wood vanilla and recover the cushions, but I have decided that I am completely undecided. I do love the curves of this chair, it oozes charm. Jacob only cares about comfort and he thought they were "surprisingly comfortable."

They might actually work well with my desk, old world lamp, large printed pictures covering the walls, hanging chandelier, thin rug, and everything else I am imagining will go in the loft to complete my office. Only time will tell, I guess.

On a completely different note, along with the two chairs that we got at the local antique store, we got some other goodies. My favorite buy was this quirky dog to add to the dresser. I can see how it might teeter the line of being creepy or being awesome, but I choose to think that it is seriously, ridiculously cool.

From now until I have an update, I will be searching thrift stores, antique stores, goodwills and craiglist for that perfectly imperfect, inexpensive desk.


  1. Love the dog! What is he made of? We have a desk in the basement or is it the wrong size?

  2. The dog is on the line of creepy...but it does look antique so i guess it fits!! Lexi just wanted to be on the website... who can blame her? Your office/studio will look GREAT no matter what you have decided. Maybe you should add 'Interior Decorator' to your list of many talents!

    Love you - Steph

  3. That dog is highly creepy-- but i think it goes really good on that dresser.. and those chairs do look "surprisingly comfortable." lol :)

    1. I am HIGHLY offended, Marcy. I KNOW you will warm up to it! :)