Monday, February 6, 2012

The Shepherd's

I recently took pictures for my brother-in-law, Ryan, and my sister, Stephanie. They have five German Shepherds, one of which just had eight puppies. Ryan wanted pictures for his website, so on a cloudless, sunny day we took a couple of hours to throw frisbees and make weird noises until the dogs looked at the camera. 

This is the family shot. There wasn't a picture where all of the dogs were looking so I did some changes. My sister complained that her puffy coat made her look bigger than she actually is so I manipulated that, too.

This is the photo with which I started. Yogi, the second from the left is not looking at the camera.

I found a picture where he was looking and I pasted him in the picture with which I was working. I also made Stephanie look like her normal size.

Since I had already changed two things I figured I might as well make the three dogs on the right look straight at the camera:

Photoshop is a powerful thing, my friends.

Meet Killian (or Sparty). He is the newest addition to the family and comes from a champion line of German imports. He is extremely sweet, energetic and very handsome.

Meet Sooki. They call her a mini German Shepherd because she is smaller than the rest. She is actually Charlie's (our dog) sister!

Meet Yogi. He is big. And he is long. And he likes to sit on stumps.

Meet Eika (Eika-peeka). She is the sweetest of them all and follows Stephanie everywhere she goes.

This is Roxie. She is the mother of Charlie (our dog) as well as the eight puppies. She was Ryan's first dog. I still remember when she used to sniff out a sock in the middle of the woods when Ryan would say the German word for "search."

And here are the eight puppies. They each have a pink or blue mark on them depending on their gender and number. I took these pictures on their two week birthday.

Precious, aren't they? If you are looking for a puppy, I would suggest looking into a German Shepherd!

To visit his website, check out for more information.


  1. Woah, crazy Photoshop skills!

    I neeeeeed one of those little puppies. Whenever I get a place of my own, we might be doing business. A few weeks ago I had a dream about a little german shepherd puppy and now I have been wanting one like crazy. :)

  2. what the heck. that is amazing. how do you even do that? and can we please oh please oh please go and play with the puppies and snuggle them when i come home, i am begging here.