Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Week of Adventures | Day Four

Again, I have a small obsession with trees here. We took a drive down to John's Pass where boats come in after a day of fishing and then cut the fish right in front of you. It was actually really neat! We also stopped by Scott and Flossie's old house as well as what used to be "Photo Castle." Now it is a convenience store, obviously.

Just wait and see the next couple of posts about gators... this is nothing.

Now we are at John's Pass...

We went to the beach for a couple of hours, where Jacob saved a lot of beached clams.

This is how true Floridians go to the beach...

I only have a limited time to upload the adventures on the vacation so excuse the poor writing. I am letting the pictures talk for themselves :)


  1. Love the pictures of the birds. Glad you are having nice weather.

  2. i love the gator sign, do not feed or molest. why in the world would i? also. i want one of those ice things. bring me one back? i am sure it won't melt!

  3. Like the two lamps, and the mossy trees.