Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Week of Adventures | Day One

It's time for an adventure.

Dwight and Stephanie's engagement party was the first stop. It was in a hundred year old house that was redone to perfection. It was so great to get to meet her family and spend time eating delicious food that her cousin and aunt prepared.

Jacob spent some time in the beautiful sunroom right off of the living room with their three dogs that they rescued.


Steph is going to be the most gorgeous bride. I mean seriously. Look at her dress! Gorgeous.

The "cakepops" were the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. They were obviously a hit:

And the whole Castle clan who made it to the party.

After we left we drove just a couple of minutes through million dollar neighborhoods to reach this amazing hill that overlooks all of Birmingham just in time for a sunset.

I would say that the day was pretty successful. I am starting to think that I was made for this city-old charm, hills overlooking downtown and whole-in-the-wall stores.


  1. So glad you all were able to be at Dwight and Stephanie's engagement party. I know it means so much to them.

    Love the photo of Birmingham at sunset with the city's lights just becoming visible in the twilight!

  2. Awesome pictures! Love the sunset and the one of you and Jacob. Hope y'all have fun and a safe trip. We miss you!!

  3. i just looked through these again and they make me so happy! im so glad you guys got to come and i love the part about stephs going to make the most beautiful bride...i mean seriously. i agree!!