Monday, February 20, 2012

Dead Last

Sunday was the first snow of 2012. It was also one of those days where you sleep through your alarm, wake up late and have a bad headache half of the day as a constant reminder of your laziness. Never again, laziness, never again.

I was home alone most of the day so I turned on the fire (yes, turned it on... lame, but efficient), made some homemade hot chocolate, snuggled up in a blanket and watched a movie that I dangerously went and got in the snow earlier that afternoon.

Things that I started to write about then decided not to:

  • Almost every single pair of jeans that fit me 9 months ago are now cutting off my circulation
  • Jacob's Valentine's present of a camera from the 1950's
  • The process to perfection of my CD Case
  • The fact that when I don't eat dinner with Jacob, I end up going to my college routine of Ramon Noodles or Hot Pockets
  • Discovering an almost uninhabited Wal-Mart near our house
  • Falling up the stairs at work in front of a co-worker

All of these subjects got the boot. They were either just too sad and made my life look miserable or they were way too boring. I do, however, see a connection between bullet point four and bullet point one now that I am typing it out.

In light of bullet point one, I have been trying to talk my friend into doing a 5k with me. Yes, just 3.1 measly miles. 

[side note] I actually used to run cross-country in middle school... it was a sad display of an extremely skinny girl huffing and puffing. I once came in dead last. Yes, dead last out of about ten different teams which were made up of about twenty people each. The guys even started after the girls. To save some humiliation, though, I had previously rolled my ankle but the girls could not compete unless they had one more person so I had to run.  The whole entire course was in the woods except the last 200 yards. It was an open field where everyone stood around and watched people finish (lucky me). I exaggerated my limp-run for the sake of my pride for those last yards. Horrifying, I tell you. 

Anyway, my point is that after checking out my friend's blog, I found a race that I am super excited about. She was never a runner, but now she has ran a lot of races which leads me to believe that I can do it as well (even after being traumatized). If you have never heard of the Color Run, please, please, please watch this link that she posted on her wall:


  1. i hate running. i've tried, i really have. running just doesn't like me. i've even tried to make it fun, "okay, amber run to starbucks..then you can get a hot chocolate"

    walking back with a hot chocolate in my hand, i realize it kind of defeats the purpose :)

    good luck!

    P.S. where is this secret walmart?

    1. It is in Madison! It turns out to be the dsame distance as the one in Winston on University. It is super clean and we got the first parking spot!

      Also, I am liking your philosophy on running. I think I might have the same hate for running as you so we will see how all of this goes!

  2. Yeahhh! Do it! You know that if I can run, legitimately ANYONE can!

    1. I laughed out loud when I read this. I can just imagine your face as you say it ha!

  3. I hear you on the jeans. Several jeans that I bought this summer before moving back to winston I now have to pull with all of my might to get them to zip. I blame all of the stress eating that i experienced before the wedding last month.. however, p90x for me until they easily zip again... and preferably dropping a size below them. A girl can dream.