Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inside Scoop

For those of you who don't see me on a day-to-day basis (or even a weekly basis), I thought I would share some things that make me... well, me. Some of them may be incredibly boring, so I understand if you just go ahead and skip to the end and call it quits.

First of all, listen to this song and the words because it is a blessing.

Ok, here we go!

- Lattes. French Vanilla or Pumpkin. I can not get enough of them.

- Antique shopping. My little town, I will call it The Cove, has a great antique store downtown and I love it. My favorite thing to do is discover new antique shops and find stuff for our home. Luckily, Jacob likes doing it as well.

- I hate touching collar bones. I can't watch other people touch their collar bone or it makes me anxious. I don't really remember how this all started.

- In fourth grade, I bragged about how I never broke a bone during class and that night while I was trying to do my first back flip (is that what they are called? I blocked out every memory from that) by myself I twisted my arm wrong and broke two bones. My arm was in the shape of a "U." I later had to have it re-broken and casted because it was set wrong in the cast.

- Jacob was my first real boyfriend (I had one for a week in fourth grade but I figured that didn't count). We started dating my freshman year of college. In fact, to make you think that our family has extreme disfunction... my sister, brother and I all started dating our first boyfriend/girlfriend when we were 19 and we all married our first boyfriend/girlfriend. We all married within 19 months of each other as well. Sometimes we refer to ourselves as a freak show, so it is alright if that is what came to your mind when you read this bullet point.

My sister was the first to marry in 2009. It was an outside wedding, 40 degrees and very strong winds. My knees were shaking uncontrollably the whole time I was standing up there. Nevertheless, it was wonderful!

My brother was the second to marry in 2010. I can't find ANY pictures from their wedding on my computer, so this one will have to do. I would put up just a bridal portrait of Heather but I can hear Chris already saying that he wasn't important enough to make it on my blog.

And I, by the process of elimination, was the third to get married in 2011.

Ok, back to the bullet points...

- I went to a Christian school my whole life. Preschool through twelfth grade (I am staring at the spelling of twelfth and really wondering why there is an "f" put in there. It seems unnecessary). 

- My favorite foods are starches. Potatoes, bread, pasta. My taste buds can't get enough but I am sure one of these days my body is going to get enough and I am going to overflow out of my clothes.

- My husband puts Ranch (ONLY the Hidden Valley Brand) on almost everything. I don't like the taste of Ranch at all. 

-  We have three dogs. Jacob wants a fourth, but I don't think that is in our best interest considering the 80 pounder is psycho.

- I have a terrible memory. That is probably why I like photography so much. It is much easier to remember things when you can look back on the time and place.

- Jacob and I built our house from the ground up thanks to his Dad who was the contractor along with many other things when he needed to be. While that was going on, I was graduating from college, moving, and planning a wedding for a week after my graduation.

- When I was younger I cut orange Play-doh into squares, put it on a plate and went to my Dad and told him I had cut some cheese for him (I wanted him to pretend with me). Before I could say anything, he grabbed one and popped it in his mouth and started chewing. I have never seen him spit something out so quick.

Alright, so let's recap....

Just kidding. I realize that was a lot of writing and not a lot of pictures. I also realize this could be the most boring blog post in the history of all blog posts. If you stuck with me this long, I applaud you :) Maybe I will even do a giveaway soon for how loyal the couple of you are for reading it!

MAYBE I might even pick more interesting facts to share with all of you next time.


  1. I read all of it and it wasn't boring :)

    You're going to have to let me in on your secret antique shops! I love antiquing & thrifting too!

  2. Laughed at the cheese. Have not thought of that in awhile. You are so talented!

  3. I've heard the antique shop in The Cove is GREAT!! Haven't been up there yet but will def. need to make a trip. Also, I died laughing at the cheese/playdoh "fact"... haha so funny.

  4. first. i don't know how i did not make any of these bullet points, let's be honest. we all now i am the favorite of the sheppard clan.
    second. i loved reading these, it makes me miss you and want to tell you that baby eve always plays with my collerbone and i always think of you.
    third. i would like to add a bulletpoint. that you are the queen of youtube. you can youtube for hours. ie:when you thought you had "discovered" justin bieber. hilarious.